Skin Care
The human skin consists of numerous layers, which has several functions. The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It repairs itself every 28 - 30 days. A proper skin care regime is very essential. Blessed is the one who possess a glowing skin. Anyone would spend a fortune to have good skin. The skin reflects the internal health of an individual. Smoothness of skin proves that the concerned person is on a balanced diet.

Oily Skin
Over active sebaceous glands leads to oily skin. This of course is certainly more desirable than dryness but the prolific growth of pimples that is accompanied with it can become a source of embarrassment. Age of course is also a factor that aggravates dryness. It reduces the elasticity of the skin too. So use of a cream with collagen elastin as well as Vitamin E and Zinc pills may restore the suppleness of the skin.

Healthy Skin
Some people are blessed with healthy skin and some are not. Then they have to work a little harder to gain that healthy skin. Although to get that healthy skin, you first have to cleanse your system from within. Other wise no make up or cosmetics are going to do any good for you. When you are blessed with a healthy skin you also need to maintain it. You need to follow a proper beauty care regimen so that the glow is not lost.

Your Face
Your face skin needs special care always as people see your face first. Often we forget and go to bed without even washing our faces without removing the make up. But this is very harmful for our face skin. Face skin is very delicate and it needs special attention. We should wash it apply face masks and packs to keep it soft supple and pimple free.

Your Body
Your body skin is as important as other body part which needs care. Proper cleaning, moisturizing and toning are a must for your body skin. Luke warm water should be used to treat your body skin. Some parts of the body skin is prone to rough and dry patches, are elbows, knees and feet. Your body skin is an outer covering which faces a lot of external harmful stuff. So take care of it properly. Nobody is born with a clear skin. You have to achieve it everyday, by maintaining certain beauty care methods. If a healthy diet is not maintained you will never get a clear skin. Wash it daily and moisturize it. Do not use any thick creams which will block pores. It is a tough job, to take care of your skin, but there are plenty of guidelines available all over to help you to do it.