What are Pimples, medically known as "Acne"?

Are you disturbed with the acne marks on your face and very eagerly want to know what is acne? Don't worry, like you many young boys and girls, especially teenagers are bearing the trauma of acne. They try different options to get rid of it. Sometimes they follow the advertisements on TV and rush to the shop to buy an acne control cream. After using these for a few days, they again start their new journey with a different acne protection product. This time may be they are influenced by the advertisements given in a reputed newspaper or in a magazine. The source may be anything. The main thing is to understand the reason why you are prone to acne again and again whereas you are trying almost all options you can.

Some people mark acne as a cause of eating fast food dishes or any rich meal. You may also heard such things from your elders. But the truth says a little else thing. After research scientists have come to the conclusion that during your teenage you go through different changes in your body. At this time androgens create a great effect on you. Either you are a male or a female sex, you possess an increase level of androgen. Your face gets an extra oil and this is sebum. Androgen is the male sex hormone and due to its effect sebum is produced. When your face fills with an excess amount of oil, the oil gland gets some obstacle and at the end blocks. Now you discover some marks on your face which is very well known as acne.
Pimples / Acne treatment at the clinic
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